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Is the world moving away from the US dollar as a reserve currency?

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Teamblockchain Ltd offers organisations strategic insight, technical expertise and tactical advice into Blockchain and Tokenomics to help firms understand these powerful tools to determine why, if and how they can be utilised to improve their operations. TeamBlockchain also can provide an overview of the Crypto market, the advantages and risks of entering the sector in a particular industry and how regulation is evolving as they work with a range of private and public companies.

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We can help you develop your Blockchain strategy. Whether you have an initial idea or need guidance from the beginning, we can assist

Proof Of Concept Design

We can take your initial ideas and prototype them in to initial concepts that you can test with stakeholders


We will work with your team to develop your Blockchain knowledge. We have experienced international keynote speakers that can present, educate and run workshops


We have a team of experienced Blockchain experts who can help you deliver theme based events for your organisation or industry


We have a strong IT delivery team that can develop and implement your chosen Blockchain solution

We Work Flexibly With Clients To Fulfil Their Blockchain Needs

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The latest Blockchain news from Team Blockchain

Is time up for the US$ as the world’s reserve currency?

Historical overseas buyers begin to question the logic of funding Uncle Sam’s overdraft…

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Where is the evidence of institutional interest in Blockchain

What is surprising is the amount of interest from institutions building the Crypto infrastructure…

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Expert Opinion: Jonny Fry on DTL

Jonny Fry, CEO of TeamBlockchain Ltd, shares his opinion on DTL within the Asset Management Industry…

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tZero, Boston Stock Exchange tie-up will boost ICO market

Overstock.Com Inc has announced a tie-up with the Boston Stock Exchange…

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Cryptocurrencies and what history can teach us — is anything really new?

Are Cryptocurrencies a bubble market waiting to burst? It is interesting to look at how history seems to repeat itself…

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Are Cryptos becoming like PLCs

Cryptos have risen in value by 1350% in a year and pressure for ICOs to be more like quoted companies…

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Why is Blockchain important to you and India?

If I told you that some of the largest banks in the world had invested in a company called Ripple…

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Smart Contracts Consultancy Announced

Clyde & Co with Team Blockchain launches consultancy to advise clients on all aspects of smart contracts, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies…

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Financial Planning: An Optimistic Vision Of The Future

From our work in the world of UK financial services and FinTech, we offer an optimistic glimpse…

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Regtech Insights for Non Executive Directors

Regulation is becoming more complex and non-compliance is a real threat…

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)a new asset class in the making?

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is used by many companies across the world to launch themselves on a stock market. IPO has been adopted by many governments to sell national assets—such as British…

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$90 billion market — wish I’d got a Bitcoin and not a chocolate coin for Christmas!

I was at a dinner in London this week with an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, all who have been around a while building and selling businesses…

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Blockchain Events


February 2019 - Blockchain,ICOs, STOs + the new Security digital asset exchanges


Jonny Fry Co-founder of TeamBlockchain will give an update on the latest developments in the Crypto-asset sector and how the market is evolving to embrace Security Token Offerings (STOs) including progress on regulated security exchanges which enable STOs to be traded.

Monday, February 4, 2019 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP Cannon Place 78 Cannon Sreet · London

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Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Masterclass 2018

Jonny Fry from Team Blockchain explains how cryptocurrencies and ICOs work & how to identify good investments and risk

What Will You Learn?

You will know how to invest in an ICO or Cryptocurrency

You will know how ICOs evolved and why they are used

You will understand the difference between ICOs and traditional fund raising

click here: for the introductory discount .

You will understand what ICO and Cryptocurrencies are

You will know why ICOs exploded in 2017 and what the future looks like

You will know what makes a successful ICO

Expert Academy TBL ICO Crypto Press Release.