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What We Do

We Are Team Blockchain

Team Blockchain has been established to help organisations review the impact that Blockchain is likely to have on their day to day activities, by helping them identify ways to reduce costs, improve security and drive their profit margins. The team members of TeamBlockchain have a wide range of practical business experience and many have worked for leading global consulting partners, sharing a desire to offer independent advice and help solve real business challenges for the organisations they work with. TeamBlockchain is setting an entirely new standard. It is a company that has been set up to offer independent advice on Blockchain by a Team of global experts, who themselves will own the majority of the business. This has been written-in to TeamBlockchain’s memorandum and articles of association, so that in the event TeamBlockchain Ltd is sold, 60% of the money that the company is sold for will go directly to the team members who have built the company. At present a lot of speculation surrounds Blockchain, but as more organisations realise what Blockchain is able to offer, the more they are embracing this new technology before their competitors do..

How We Work - It Starts With The Right Team

Typically,TeamBlockchain goes in to an organisation and provide training and insight to the potential of Blockchain. This is usually carried out by conducting a fact-find and review of the organisation’s activities. By understanding the issue the organisation wishes to address or, if it is uncertain, carrying out an overview, Blockchain may then be able to offer a competitive advantage in that organisation’s market. Once it has identified an opportunity with a client, the next stage is to work up a proof of concept, effectively bringing the opportunity to “life” and making it more tangible for the client (and in some cases enabling some testing and research). If the proof of concept is a success, then TeamBlockchain can start building the solution, block by block.

Remuneration & Next Steps

Team Blockchain works in a flexible manner, either charging on a consulting basis or on a reduced fee, and shares of the cost savings or additional profits its solutions generate for its clients.

Next steps:

Please email info@teamblockchain.net and find out of how Team Blockchain can help.

Can We Help You?

We Offer The Following Services


We can help you develop your Blockchain strategy. Whether you have an initial idea or need guidance from the beginning, we can assist

Proof Of Concept Design

We can take your initial ideas and prototype them in to initial concepts that you can test with stakeholders


We will work with your team to develop your Blockchain knowledge. We have experienced international keynote speakers that can present, educate and run workshops


We have a team of experienced Blockchain experts who can help you deliver theme based events for your organisation or industry


We have a strong IT delivery team that can develop and implement your chosen Blockchain solution

We Work Flexibly With Clients To Fulfil Their Blockchain Needs

Let Us Know How We Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives


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Blockchain Events

Come along and hear the latest ICO news

Date: 15th February 2018

Time: 17:30

Place: DLA Piper
3 Noble Street

The second London ICO Meetup event organised by Team Blockchain Ltd and hosted by DLA Piper

Contract Vault (www.contractvault.io)

Based in Zug - in the heart of Crypto Valley - Contract Vault is an advanced platform built with blockchain technology that allows users with little or no legal or blockchain knowledge to create, customize, manage and deploy legally-binding conventional and smart contracts. The Contract Vault marketplace offers users a dynamic ecosystem of powerful templates, advice and services from both legal and blockchain experts. The Contract Vault core team and its advisors including Laux Lawyers are focused on providing a platform that will empower users with accessible tools that will enhance and simplify their business and will help carry the legal profession deep into the 21st century.

Gordon Mickel is co-founder of Contract Vault. A total of 19 years slogging away in the technical trenches of a variety of industries (banking, insurance, defence to name a few), computer science studies at the University of Basel plus a dash of entrepreneurialism have given Gordon an insider's perspective on technology as it stands today.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please use this link to book your place.

We look forward to seeing you


17:30 Registration

18:00 Welcome and introduction to speakers-Jonny Fry

18:05 Legal Challenges around carrying out an ICO-Martin Bartlam

18:20 Overview of ICOs and thoughts on how the market is evolving Jonny Fry

18:35 ICO TBC

18:50 Presentation from Contract Vault from Zug-Gordon Mickel

19:05 Common misconceptions and insight to Blockchain as a technology Gary Nuttall

19:20 Q&A

19:30 Drinks