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The Team

Jonny Fry

Jonny Fry Jonny Fry on LinkedIn

Jonny is the CEO of TeamBlockchain Ltd and is a Digital Assets and Funds Specialist. He is Non-Executive Chairman of Gem Cap UK Ltd and Co-founder of The British Blockchain Frontier Technology Association (BBFTA)

James Tylee

James Tylee James Tylee on LinkedIn

James is an Equities & High Frequency Trading Expert in FinTech for Fortune 500 Companies, as well as a Founder of Cyber.FM.
James is both a Certified Bitcoin & Ethereum Professional
(CBP – License 2a9e19), (CEP - License eff754)

Angelina Zhang

Angelina Zhang Angelina Zhang on LinkedIn

Angelina and her team are Translators and distribute Digital Bytes by TeamBlockchain, coordinating across Asia via WeChat. She is the focal point of our diversity and has been in the Financial Industry since 2013.

Sean Au

Sean Au Sean Au on LinkedIn

Sean is a true Blockchain Professional. He has delivered training workshops throughout most countries on all aspects of Bitcoin, Blockchains, Smart Contracts and ICOs.
Sean is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP – License e7a402)